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  • business partnership

    How does a business partnership work

    Business partnerships are often formed when two individual sole traders come together. If you’re considering forming a partnership then it’s important that you consider all the implications of doing so. How does a business partnership work?  Before you enter into the agreement you should be aware of the risks involved and how it will work

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    coping with busy business

    How do you cope when your business gets busy

    Coping when your business gets busier As a business owner, you’re always striving for more leads, customers, sales and ultimately, profits, but how do you cope when your business gets busy? Being busy is every business owner’s dream, but without the right resources, landing that big contract or being discovered by an influential celeb could

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    Choosing a good accountant

    Choosing a good  accountant should be a time consuming process. It isn’t something you should rush into; yet that’s exactly what many people do.Think about it – the person you hire is going to be looking after your business and your personal matters. They will know everything about your finances which means you need to

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    loan sharks

    Which expenses can I claim for my home business?

    More and more people are opting to work from home, whether on a self-employed basis or for an employer. If you do then there are certain costs associated with this that you’re allowed to claim back as expenses. Exactly what can be claimed for and how much will depend on how your employment status is

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    Should I switch to Online Banking?

    There is very little we can’t do over the internet and banking is one of those. Online banking is becoming more and more popular as customers face increasing fees and less attractive rate from the traditional banking options on our high streets. With no branches, low fees and higher interest rates, is switching to online

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    tax meeting

    Tempted by tax avoidance?

    As we cope with rising living costs and more of us start up our own businesses or invest in properties, the tax man is never far behind. But when it comes to tax avoidance schemes, are there any that are actually above board or are they best left alone? The difference between tax avoidance and

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