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    Business Savings Accounts: Do I need one?

    If you have a business current account and your business is doing well you may have quite a lot of money sitting in your current account which isn’t earning you the interest it should be, business saving accounts act in exactly the same way as your personal account except they are designed solely for businesses.

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    student bank accounts

    Business Bank Accounts: What are your options?

    If you run small home business to support your family then as it grows you may want to consider a Business Bank Account to give your small business more security and a greater sense of professionalism when dealing with suppliers. The benefits of having a business relationship with the bank also means support and structure

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    loan sharks

    What is an Offshore Savings Account?

    Many people think that offshore savings accounts are just for the super rich who want to limit their tax liabilities. However, this isn’t the case and while some accounts have minimum deposits, they can be opened by any UK resident. How exactly do they operate and how can they benefit a UK saver? With an

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    how to save money when you're over 60

    Tax free savings: What are your options?

    If you earn over £9,440 (current threshold for 2013/14) per financial year, you have to start paying tax on income. While this is most commonly for your salary, it also includes any interest earned on savings. In order for your savings to generate as much as possible, it’s important to take advantage of tax free

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    working parent family benefits

    Working Parent Benefits: What help can I get?

    Benefits can be very confusing to understand, it is a really good thing that very soon Universal Credit will be taking the over and simplifying the system. For now though at least, many really don’t understand the working parent benefits they could be entitled to. Benefit breakdown We’ve tried to simplify the available benefits as

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    Public liability quotes online

    Public Liability Insurance: Make sure you’re covered

    Public liability insurance could be your safety net in the event of an unexpected claim. The phrase ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’ is probably one drummed into our heads after years of TV adverts for injury lawyers wanting to ‘help you get the money you deserve’ after accident or injury. If you run your

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