Budgeting for Christmas

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    Mrs Turner

    How much roughly do people spend on Christmas pressies for their kids? If we’re on a budget, we’ll agree with family not to buy and normally we’re so skint we don’t spend a lot on the children. But this year we’ve saved and I’d like to get them more without going over the top. Just wondering what the average amount was?

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    I’m not sure what the average amount is these days but if you re on a tight budget then don’t skint yourself. I have decided to cut right back this year as it all gets a bit ridiculous to be honest. The kids get all sorts of stuff throughout the year and I have said that I’m not prepared to spend a fortune on BIG presents that will not be appreciated. I gave them an option, either one big present or lots of cheaper smaller presents, they both opted for smaller presents which I was pleased about. There are lots of small bits and pieces that you can pick up really cheap these days, why don’t you wrap them with handmade paper and decorations (again, they can be found so cheap) with a little imagination you can achieve fab wrappings.

    We are not buying for any adults, friends or family, just token gifts for smaller children. It gets so ridiculous for everybody and causes so much stress that is NOT what Christmas should be about!

    Happy shopping


    Hi everyone, I don’t have lots of cash to spend this christmas as I’m a newly single parent. I have spoken to my daughter and she fully understands. What we are going to do is shop after Christmas in the sales. She is not an ungrateful child by any means and fully understands the situation we are in. Of course I will get her a couple of little bits to open on the day, we will go out for a walk, have some lovely homecooked food and watch lots of Chrismasy stuff on TV. I have saved up some money for shopping in the sales and we are both excited to do that. It’s not about the money, it’s about being together and being happy. If kids are of a better understanding of situations then they will know that money is not as important as love.

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    Carly C

    I tend to spend what budget allows. One year we were so skint, we told all family not to buy for us as we couldn’t afford to buy for everyone and that felt a huge relief. For the kids we would buy then either 1 main pressie and a few little stocking fillers, on average between £50 and £100 per child. We’re much better off now so I’ll be able to spend a little more on people. I still don’t spoil the kids as they get so much off everyone else, they’re overwhelmed with presents. Kids will play more with a cardboard box than a £300 games console, so don’t spend more than you can afford because you think the children will go without – it won’t be great for them when you’re struggling for money in January! xx

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    THe figures vary widely according to google. Some say £112 per child rising to over £400 per child! I think netmums did a survey and it was around £312 per child. Seems a lot to me, but if you have the money, why not spend that? Plus I think nowadays, kids are wanting more expensive things such as X boxes and iPad. Just one of those would cost the full budget per child. Just don’t spend more than what you can afford, I’m sure your kids will have a wonderful Christmas regardless of what you get them!

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    Jane Monroe

    Well I would say to you all not to get too stressed over Christmas! It is such a big deal to so many, the spirit of Christmas is spending time together not how much money you should spend! I understand it is difficult if you have children and not a lot of money but the trick is to buy early in the year and keep adding little bits to it each week. Maybe a savings scheme throughout the year spreads the cost. Don’t stress over money at christmas, just do what you can and enjoy spending time with people.


    £312 per child!!! OMG, that is ridiculous, that money in itself is what I would need to pay bills per month. Some people go mad at Christmas its so stupid. I’m so pleased my child is grounded and appreciates our situation. I do my best for her and she loves me for that. I would never spend that much at Christmas even if I had it, kids get so overwhelmed with stuff and just don’t appreciate it!

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    I don’t spend much , but still some small gifts for everyone.

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    We keep aside a huge amount each year, especially for the Christmas expenses. This year too, things are great.

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