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    Has anyone else had their kids teachers do a home visit before they started in reception? My neighbour had the teacher and TA come over to meet their daughter before she started this September. Some people are saying it’s the teacher snooping or trying to judge the kids on the size of the house, but I think it’s quite nice to get to know the child and the teacher in a more relaxed environment.

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    I think this is a really good idea. Most of the time none of us have a clue who are teaching our kids in school. If there were ever a problem (I hope not), then knowing the teacher a little before school starts may help with addressing it better. Also it will help ease children in to school, knowing that they have met some of the teachers before hand, we all know how daunting it is and can be for them the first few days at school.I certainly don’t think they are judging people on the size of their house that’s for sure.


    They do this at my sons school, I think it’s just a nice get to know you before they start. Personally, I already had a child at the school and knew the teachers so said not to bother, but to be honest, I couldn’t be bothered having to have teachers in my house when I’d rather be getting on with housework. Not sure how they’d manage it with 2 parents that work full time either…

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