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    Well, I have just been watching This Morning and they were discussing Hover Boards. I must admit they do look fun, Philip Schofield was using one in the studio and they looked great fun. I wouldn’t even like to guess how much these are? They were saying they are the must have Christmas gift this year! Has anybody got/used one, if so how much are they? There is a downside to these though, you are very restricted as to where you can use them. You can’t use them on the pavements and of course not the road, not in parks and public places. If you are thinking of buying one make sure you have a large enough garden for the kid’s to be able to use the, that is if you can use them on grass? Great fun!


    I’d love a go on one, they look brilliant! Shame they’re banned in public places now – I can understand not on pavements, but in a park would be fine – no different to riding a bike in a park?


    They look brilliant! My step son asked for one for Christmas but I’m not sure if we’ll get him one or not now they’re banned. I don’t want him crashing through the house on it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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