How Old To Be Out On Their Own?

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    Hi, I was wondering how old were your children before you allowed them out on their own? It’s a really tricky subject I know but do you think 9 or 10 is about the right age or before? I know I guess it depends on where you live, how responsible your child is etc but my daughter has asked if she can go out with her friends to the local youth club on her own. We don’t live that far from the club but I worry as she is only 8, she is quite a responsible girl but I do worry. It’s a shame it’s not like when I were younger, we roamed about all day until it got dark with no fear or harm coming to us.


    I’d say it depends where you live and who they’re with. If I lived on a busy main road in a not particularly nice area, I don’t think I’d want them out on there own until they’re about 16!! However, if I lived in a nice area, say in a very quiet cul-de-sac, I would probably let them play out on the front where I could see them from around the age of 7 or 8? It’s really difficult to say. I guess you just know when the time is right. Never easy when you hear about all the horror stories!!


    This is a tricky one, my Daughter is seven and I wouldn’t let her out on her own at this age. I know everybody is different but I wouldn’t feel right letting her out on her own. I agree with earlier posts about the area you live in and the fact there maybe busy roads close by but I would worry like mad. I don’t live in a cul-de-sac but if I did I would probably let her play out front as long as I could see her. There are so many dangers these days it’s such a worry.

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