Immigrant Crisis

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    Who else feels for these poor immigrants fleeing their country for asylum? I know some people think that it simply isn’t our problem and we have enough immigrants already. I don’t know what the answer is but more compassion wouldn’t go a miss. I often think how would we feel if we had to flee this country with no money, possessions,home etc, only the clothes we are wearing, I’m sure we would hope somebody would help us!

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    Carly C

    At first I was like, round them up and send them back, but after seeing the pictures of young children sleeping in dirt and parents trying to keep their kids afloat in the sea, I really feel for some of them. I think there are some genuine asylum seekers who are so desperate to get away from the hell they’re living in, they’ll risk everything. THe problem is there are a load of young men not seeking asylum or with families, just coming over for the benefits. It’s so hard for the genuine people that really need our help

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    I agree, it’s such a shame for the genuine people. The papers are littered this morning with shocking pictures of a child who has drown trying to get away with their family. It’s heartbreaking seeing this. I understand what the Government are saying, if they let so many in where do you draw the line, who gets in and who doesn’t? Trying to send aid out and money to people in these war torn countries is a step forward but the long term solution, who knows. I think we as a country should stop being targeted for ‘not doing enough’, we are doing a lot, more than people think. It’s about time other countries started to get involved and helped more.

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