Inconsiderate People

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    Drivers that you wait for to allow to pass and they don’t even wave a thank you! Miserable people in supermarkets, especially some till staff, you try and be polite and chat, some just grunt a reply! Young kids working in shops, no people skills, rude and don’t look like they care less whether they are working or not!

    BUT, the other day I was in my local Sainsburys store cafe, myself and my Mum walked in and was greeted with the most pleasant, friendly guy. He would have been in his mid to late thirties and had learning difficulties. He really made our day. I couldn’t have asked for a most pleasant, caring member of staff to have served us. He was asking people if everything was ok, if they needed anything etc, he wasn’t too in your face either, lovely, lovely guy. I commend Sainsburys for employing people like this guy, he puts a smile on your face and brightened up our day.I think a lot more young ‘kid’s’ working in shops and stores could take a few leafs out of his book! Well done mate

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