Never believe Child Tax Credits on the phone

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    Twice Credit now I have given all of my income details and family circumstances to Child Tax Credits and both times they assured me I would receive a certain amount of CTC and then in writing it turns out to be much less. Admittedly, you shouldn’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched but I was told I would receive £90 per week Working Tax and actually ended up with £20! I never take anything they say on the phone as gospel until I have the award notice in my hand and I suggest none of you do either.


    Every time I make any sort of change to my claim, be it change of telephone number or income details they stop my whole claim for weeks on end to work out what to pay me. Then they never seem to work out the back pay right. I give up with Tax Credits to be honest.


    Last time I made a change to my circumstances they have stopped my credits for 2 months- I was advised new form needed to be filled in, which was fine but it took over a month for the form to come in and they stopped payment the moment I rang.

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    That’s dreadful, especially if you’re relying on the money 🙁 Do they do a “this call is being recorded” thing when you ring in? Might be worth escalating it to a supervisor or something?

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