Not entitled to help with mortgage when redundant

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    Does anyone else think it sucks that if you own your home, you’re not entitled to any help with mortgage payments if you’re made redundant? I was made redundant last year and was on a really good salary. Never claimed a penny before and in the 4 months I was jobless, I got no help with keeping up with mortgage payments, yet if I’d rented or had a council house, that would have all been paid for! I know you can’t pay everyones mortgages all the time else you’d get piss takers but sure even just a couple of months to help those looking for work and who will clearly get a job. It just seems you’re penalised for trying to better yourself and are a genuine harder worker that’s fallen on hard times

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    Jane Monroe

    I know exactly what you mean, it stinks that if you are a hard working member of this country and you fall on hard times, not matter what the circumstance then no help seems to be available! There should be some kind of help for short term unemployment especially when you have worked hard all your life and the redundancy was not your fault. These scroungers that get everything paid for and sit around all day drinking cans and smoking are disgusting, they should all have the benefits reviewed every so many months and if they are able to work they should be made to work. Maybe then people like you that are genuine and need/deserve help might get a look in. Sorry to hear of your plight and hope all works out soon for you.

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    Carly C

    agree, if you own a home you seem to be penalised, even though you’re more likely to get a job as fast as you can! I know the Government can’t be seen to be helping pay people’s mortgages, even if there was a scheme where your mortgage costs were covered while you were out off work but then added onto your mortgage so you still had to repay it. Surely that’s fair?

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    Mrs Turner

    I think then loan idea is a good one – the Gov pay the payments but add it to your mortgage or have a separate arrangement – similar to the help to buy. You have x amount of time to repay or when you sell your house, they take a percentage.


    What a really good idea, I don’t own my own home but I would struggle if I did when my marriage came to an end, and I ended up out of work through no fault of my own. It isn’t right that people get paid to stay at home all day and seem to be overlooked by the system, when hard working people lose their job and end up losing their home for the short while they are out of work! The loan scheme is an excellent idea, at least the you have a choice as to what you can do, where as at the moment you could lose your home that you have worked so hard all your life to buy. There should be a certain benefit that help people who have always worked and never claimed anything, these people should not be penalised because they have their own home!!

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