parent and child parking spaces

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    What gets my goat? When I see people without kids parking in the parent and child bays at supermarkets or shopping centres!! Either because they’re closer to the door and they can’t be bothered to walk or because they don’t want their flash car scratching. It drives me insane, I want to give them a big cumbersome baby carrier and pram and tell them to try getting it into a back seat when you can only open the car door 12 inches!!
    It’s the space to open the car doors that dads and mums need, not the proximity to the door, so I’d be happy to have the parent bays at the back of the car park if needs be, it might stop those ignorant, arrogant and lazy so and so’s taking them up!!

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    I agree and the same goes with disabled spaces, Just because their closer they automatically park in them!

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    When I was very heavily pregnant I got out of my car in a mother and baby space (you are allowed to use them if pregnant) and got a mouthful of someone for parking there. I totally agree with people getting the hump about this though, why should you have to drag your kids across the busy and dangerous car park because someone who doesn’t need it, has used a baby space?!

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    Mrs Turner

    Oh god I hate that! Every week at Tesco I see at least 4 cars out of about 10 spaces being used by people without kids. Last week it was just chucking it down with rain, there were no free parent and child spaces and this poor girl with twin babies and another toddler, was struggling to get the kids out, baby seats out, no spare hands for an umbrella or to hold the other toddlers hand and as she struggled across the carpark, some big fat bloke got into his car parked in the parent spaces. I wanted to slap him! I could see she said something as she walked past and he ignored her and just drove away, but these people are purely just lazy and selfish. I HATE them!


    LAZY,LAZY, LAZY people I say! I can’t bear seeing these lazy idiots driving around and around carparks just looking for a space nearest the door! By looking at some of them, they need to be parking as far away from the shop as possible and get some exercise!! The parking spaces are there for the sole reason of safety, as you say earlier. Dragging kid’s through busy carparks on your own is not a good idea, especially if you have a full trolly with a wonky wheel that doesn’t steer in the direction you are going.They are dangerous places busy carparks and it infuriates me seeing able bodied, childless people using child/disabled spaces. Nation, get a grip and walk a bit further!!!!


    One of my pet hates too! They should put the parent and child spaces at the back of the carpark with a safe path to the front of the store – that way, the lazy people won’t take them. Try getting baby car seats in and out of a car when you can only open the door slightly, it’s a nightmare!! It makes me so mad when I see people, on their own, strolling out of their car they’ve parked in the parent and child space. I don’t know how they’ve got the nerve!!

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    Jane Monroe

    I think the supermarkets should take more responsibility and have more CCTV in these areas. They would catch a hell of a lot of able bodied people taking up these spaces and being lazy. There are always security around, they should be monitoring the spaces when they can, and if they see somebody without a child or not disabled, on the monitor, they should pop a ticket on the car explaining these spaces are NOT for them to use but for the safety of children and disabled people. I agree with the previous post, there should be parking spaces at the back of the supermarkets and safe paths for children and trollies, maybe even a back entrance in so you don’t have to go anywhere the busy main entrance. I think we should all get a petition going and get it signed and sent off to all these big supermarkets!

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    Mrs Turner

    Great idea about getting security on the case more. I know they probably wouldn’t be able to fine them, but maybe warnings on cars might make them think twice. It’s pure laziness. If the spaces were at the back out the way, it would solve everything

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    Too right it would! As all the lazy gits that can’t be bothered to walk 100yds wouldn’t be bothered to park at the back anyway, at least then the parents and disabled people wouldn’t have a problem finding a space as they would always be empty!!

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    THis makes my blood boil! Same with disabled spaces – did you see John Terry and Danny Dyer parking in disabled bays? It’s just arrogance and laziness, I’d love a job just giving out fines to everyone in the supermarkets taking advantage of these spaces. I would happily have the parent and child spaces at the back out the way to ensure the lazy arseholes don’t take them!

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