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    Mrs Turner

    Just wondering what other peoples’ school security is like in primary school? When my kids were in nursery, it was like Fort Knox trying to get in with security locks, passwords etc etc. Yet in primary school, there’s not really anything. If I told a friend to pick my kids up, she could just do it – no need to pre-arrange or have a password. What are other schools like?

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    Carly C

    My kids’ nursery had very strict security too, but school less so. They wouldn’t let anyone take them home but if I tell the teacher my sister is collecting them, that’s good enough. No passwords or descriptions or anything. It’s only a very small school and they know all the parents well. I think if they suspected anything odd, they would know to call straight away. but now you’ve mentioned it… it does seem a little laid back!?!

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    It all does seem a little laid back with things that have been happening theses days. It’s such a shame that theses type of topics have to be talked about in the first place! Small schools in small communities should be able to trust their own judgement if something doesn’t seem right. Nurseries are so secure which is a good thing but Schools should be equally as secure, from people going out to people going in! Where I live the secondary school let’s the pupils out at lunchtime to go in to the town, I really don’t agree with this at all. How on earth can they keep kids safe during a school day when they are wandering around at lunch time out of school. All schools should have a good security policy to protect pupils from danger.

    Children should never be allowed to leave school with a relative or friend without full consent from the parent. Anybody could come and take them, it’s scary it shouldn’t be allowed.

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    The security at my kids’ nursery was really tight. Passwords, calling ahead, multiple door locks etc. At school, the physical security of being able to get in is really tight, but not as much with collecting them. The teachers know all the parents and if some stranger came in, they’d know, but if I sent my sister to collect them, they’d let them go with her. I think they should at least make the parents call school to tell them someone else if collecting the kids. What if there was some family feud or something?

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    I agree, children should never be allowed to leave school with a relative or friend without a parent notifying the school first. Even if the school are familiar with relatives and they have picked the child/children up before. Some families conspire with each other to snatch the kids from the other parent for instance or take them out of school and abroad without the other parents consent. Maybe I have a vivid imagination but you read of such stories in the news a lot!

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