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    Hi I’m a new single Dad and would love to hear from anymore single Dads out there. I have been on my own with my daughter now for 6 months. We are getting on fine and both adjusting to not having her mother around every day. We are divorced now and she has access once a month, I have sole custody of my daughter. I’m currently unemployed because of all the hassle we have gone through and adjusting to being a single Dad, I would like to get back to work as soon as I can so was wondering if anybody had any advice as to how and what I could do that would fit around school etc. I have always worked in the motor industry before and had a good job. Hope to hear from some of you soon.


    Hi Jamie! Not a single dad but just wanted to say keep up the good work – you sound like a good dad trying the best for his daughter. My partner was a single dad on his own after his ex fleeced him of everything, so I know how hard it can be for you!


    Hi Lara, I have only just seen your post, thank you for taking the time to say Hi, it can be lonely sometimes being on your own with a child but I do find sites like this such a comfort when you are on your own in the evenings. It has been and still is difficult trying to make ends meet and day to day life. I’m adjusting quite well under the circumstances I think and feel really proud of my achievements so far. I love this site, it’s so informative and you really feel a sense of community almost. I hope your friend got sorted in the end, I guess we all find our way in the end hey.


    Hey fella! I was a single dad for 5 years before I remarried – it’s tough, but you get through it (and ladies seem to love men with little kids too!) As for work, be up front with prospective employers from the start and explain you want to be a great asset to their business as well as a good dad. Most employers are flexible, offering part time, split hours, flexitime etc and if all the working singles mums can do it, then you can too mate!


    Thanks for that mate! It’s good to know there are Dad’s on here as well. I can see now it’s tough but I wouldn’t have it any other way. At least now there is no more arguing and falling out especially with my daughter being around. I hope to one day meet somebody and move on like you have, that would be great and if the ladies like men with kids then I’m quids in! I have applied for a couple of jobs, one is part time and the other is flexible. I have been honest and explained my situation and I’m hoping I don’t get discriminated against because I’m a single parent. I’m learning to multi task quickly and hopefully as efficient as women do so I’m well on my way! Thanks for replying mate.

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    Hi Jamie, I have just joined the Working Parent and would like to say hello. I have 4 children and am currently out of work and looking after my children. It is hard to try and find work when you have children, especially when you have to fit it around school and nursery. Do you get any help at all from family? My family live quite away from me so I only have friends to rely on really. I really want to get back to work but it seems impossible having 4 kids.Any suggestions anyone?

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