Son Is Gay

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    Hi I’m writing on behalf of my friend. She is beside herself with worry as her son has just told her he is gay. She has not got a problem with this at all and embraces the fact that he had the confidence to confide in her. The problem is he has been using gay websites and I worry that he has been getting himself into al sorts of trouble. He is 17 and very outgoing in his confidence, I was shocked to see some of the posts that have been left for him on this site. I stubbled across the site on his computer when I was cleaning his room. Do I speak to him about it or not say anything, I wasn’t snooping, his computer was on at the time but I’m so scared he may get involved with the wrong people and get himself into things he can’t get out of, any advice?

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    If you saw your friend’s son’s computer while cleaning for them, I’d probably have a word with his mum and let her know. It’s great that he can confide in her so they obviously have a good relationship. She’ll be able to chat with him about it. If you’re particularly close to him, I would try and bring it up in a round about way rather than saying you saw it in his room, he might get quite defensive over that, even if you weren’t snooping. It might detract from the conversation. So a general chat about how he’s getting on or who he’s been in touch with, might be the best way to bring it up

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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