starting IUI treatment

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    my partner and I are about to start IUI treatment – where they ‘clean’ the sperm and put it in you in the hospital while you are ovulating. It’s less invasive than IVF and a ‘more natural’ step to try before starting iVF. Has anyone else had the same treatment? Was it successful? I’m really nervous but really excited, we’ve been trying for years and aren’t allowed IVF due to my partner already having a child with his ex

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    A work friend had IUI and it worked first time for her. It’s much better at tracking your cycle and ensuring everything is done at the right time rather than hoping you’re ovulating or hoping you’re taking the medication at the right time. Hope it works out for you! x


    Don’t know anyone that’s had it but reading about it, it sounds much better than just taking chlomid and hoping you’re getting it right. Plus there’s news out today that a new test costing £200 will be available in 6 months, which increases the chances of IVF working to 80%. So if you have no joy with IUI, there’s more of a chance IVF will work. Good luck!

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