took out a loan for my ex

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    Like an idiot, I took out a loan for my (now) ex boyfriend years ago so he could put an extension on his house. At the time he had bad credit, we were going to both move into his place so I would be benefitting from the home improvements and he was paying back the monthly instalments by standing order every month. When we split he cancelled the standing order, left me with £15k of debt left over and just vanished! I’ve been paying the loan back as I don’t want to miss payments and screw my credit rating, but how the hell can I get him to pay his debt?! I’ve not only paid for his home improvments but given him more value to his house! (He now rents it out so I can’t contact him there!!) Lesson learned I know!


    Ouch, lesson learned I guess. On a practical note I would find his new address from the people that rent his house now. He won’t have vanished completely. Secondly, you could take him to court. Even if you don’t have a signed contract, the fact you can prove he was making regular loan repayments to you would be enough evidence to show an agreement was in place. I think the small claims court limit it £5k so wouldn’ cover your cost so far but might bee worth looking into?

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    Agree with motobikemike, if you can show he was making regular repayments, it would be sufficient to prove a contract between you and your ex. The costs for taking someone to the small claims court have changed so look into that before going down that route as it is more expensive now if you lose. However, the contract between you and the loan company still stands and sadly, you’ll always be responsible for ensuring its paid. You can only try and recoup some of the costs from your ex. Good luck!! x


    Thanks for the advice, trust me, I won’t be making the same mistake twice. I’ve found out his new address and had some free advice from a solicitor. I’ve got all my old bank statements proving he was repaying the money at one point so I think the next step will be small claims court. I know I won’t get the full amount but hopefully the threat of it might make him start paying up!

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