Curriculum, Key Stages and Ofsted

  • cash incentives for good grades Teenager revising for exams

    Revision tips for exams

    With the right approach and a lot of preparation, revising for exams need not be as stressful as you may initially fear. Whether you are revising for first year exams or finals, with these tips, you can be well on your way to success. Devise a Timetable Research has shown that short bursts of revision

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    life after harry potter

    Home schooling: Is it an option?

    The majority of people may think that the natural course of action when a child reaches the age of five is to automatically send them to school. However, there is another option: home schooling. Ultimately, home schooling is exactly what it sounds like and your child is educated at home. This can be by you,

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    worries over stress in children

    Help your child through their GCSE’s

    The fact you are keen to help your child through their GCSEs is an excellent start to assisting them achieve the best possible examination results. There are numerous issues many parents face when their child enters in to the Key Stage 4 segment of education. It can be a complicated time for teenagers and with

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    what parents can do to support their children's learning

    Getting your kids to do their homework

    In an ideal world our children would scurry home from school and dutifully pull out their books, eager to complete their homework before dinner. In the real world that rarely happens, and as adults we can understand our children’s need for a little downtime in their day too. Encouraging children to take a realistic approach

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    raising your child's self esteem

    Gifted children

    Parenthood is a funny thing: When someone else’s child brings home a piece of A4 showing The Last Supper depicted in purple, green and orange with the disciples dressed as gangsta rappers, it’s hard not to laugh. Yet suddenly when it’s your own offspring, you start to see flashes of genius in every stroke of

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    What is an academy school?

    What is an Academy School?

    We all know what primary and secondary schools are but what is an Academy School? If you’re considering which primary or secondary school to send your child to the decision between an academy and a local authority controlled school can be a difficult one. For those who haven’t been involved with academies before it’s hard

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