Sixth form, college and apprenticeship

  • Should I let my child attend stage school

    Some children have a natural talent for performing, and may know from an early age that they want to work as an actor, dancer, singer, or other type of performer. For those who are exceptionally talented and devoted, attending stage school may seem to be the perfect step into their chosen profession. If this is

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    School accessibility for disabled children

    Every child has the right to an education from the age of 5 years. For children with disabilities this may be more challenging, but there are regulations in place to promote inclusion in all schools, meaning that your child should not be disadvantaged or excluded from school because of any disabilities they face. Choosing a

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    Re-taking A levels

    Not all students were jumping for joy when they received their A Level results, but whether your results were expected or a disappointing surprise, you need not be maudlin for long. For many, A Levels are the gateway into university and the majority of courses require students to achieve specific grades to enrol on a

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    late for school

    Supporting your child changing schools

    Starting a new school for the first time is a big deal for any child, but when they are changing schools it can be even more tricky. If your child is going to a different school because of bullying, poor teaching, or a relocation, then you’ll need to work extra hard to make sure they

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    vocational education


    Think apprentice; do you see the stern faced Alan Sugar, sitting at a desk, lecturing the fame hungry contestants before he tells them “you’re fired!”? Hmmm me too, but we have begun to hear a lot more about apprenticeships lately, it’s become a bit of a buzz word. Apprenticeships aren’t a new concept though, many

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    Joining the regular Army

    Whether it’s something you’ve always wanted to do or a career that you’ve recently become interested in, joining the regular army is a big step. Unlike other jobs, you don’t just work nine till five then come home and forget about work until the next day. However, an army career can be very rewarding and

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