Sixth form, college and apprenticeship

  • my child has no friends

    Dealing with racist bullying

    Racist bullying in school has taken on a whole new connotation in recent years. Schools in Britain today are a vibrant mix of different religions, races, colours and creeds, all of which should be equally respected. Bullying of any kind has no place in school and racist bullying is a crime and can be dealt

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    annoying things non parents say

    Beating the morning rush

    Is beating the morning rush just a pipe dream? Ever blown up the microwave trying to ‘emergency-dry’ a school shirt (surely there was another clean one in the drawer)? Or realised halfway to school that you haven’t brushed your child’s hair, let alone tied it back? And if you get all that right, how about

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    Top 10 educational apps for kids

    How to raise children and study at the same time

    Wondering how to raise children and study at the same time? At some point in your parenting career you may find that you need to study at evenings & weekends to keep your career on track. Completing a professional qualification on top of bringing up kids and running a house may sound impossible, but other

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    Using an apprentice

    Using an Apprentice for Your Business

    If you’re looking for a young workforce who are motivated to learn and develop their skills, then taking on an apprentice could be the solution. For businesses considering this option what does it actually involve, are there any disadvantages and what will it cost? Developing New Talent Apprenticeships are vocational training schemes that are a

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