Your role in your child's education

  • Part Time work

    Part Time Work: Find the perfect work-life balance

    Who says you can’t have it all?  A family, a career, and time for you appears to be the impossible dream, but this seemingly unacheivable fairytale is a satisfying reality for many people who choose to work part time.  This appears to be the answer for busy couples, with one parent working full-time and the

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    Using an apprentice

    Using an Apprentice for Your Business

    If you’re looking for a young workforce who are motivated to learn and develop their skills, then taking on an apprentice could be the solution. For businesses considering this option what does it actually involve, are there any disadvantages and what will it cost? Developing New Talent Apprenticeships are vocational training schemes that are a

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    Virtual PA

    What is a Virtual PA?

    What is a virtual PA and could you use one? Today’s hectic lifestyles, which see many people struggling to balance the demands of both family and work, mean that it could pay to get some extra help – especially if you run your own business. Take your pick Fortunately there is a growing army of

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