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Room makeover on a budget

room makeover on a budget

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You can’t turn the telly on these days without seeing a lifestyle programme about houses. Do Up Your House, Sell Your House, Redecorate Your House. While we all know these are not real shows, you get the point I’m trying to make. I love nothing more than a fix of home improvement TV, but it can be costly, time consuming and daunting to revamp your house if it needs it. We all get bored with our living environments from time to time and benefit from a change of scene. So what can you do to make changes at home that won’t cost the earth, or leave you covered in builders dust for weeks.

A Lick Of Paint

Changing your colour scheme with some paint is a really cheap and quick way to transform a room. It’s also less hassle than fighting with strips of wallpaper and buckets of paste. Whether it’s toning down a bright space with neutral shades, or making a drab room livelier, using paint is fast and instant. A good way to add colour is to just paint one wall, or two opposite walls with a really strong statement colour. It transforms the feel of a bland room straight away. It’s also easy to do it yourself; you won’t require a degree in D.I.Y. You can enhance the new injection of colour with cushions, throws and artwork.

room makeover on a budget

Window Dressing

New curtains or a new way of dressing your windows can add a completely different look to a room. Why not try having double curtains. A sheer voile underneath your main curtains with a lot of sweeping fabric creates a dramatic, opulent effect. You can use two different colours or different shades of the same colour to compliment your room. There are also some really great statement curtain ties available now, this will finish off your look and won’t break the bank.

Furniture Reshuffle

If revamping is not in your budget, try rearranging your furniture, or moving the decorative items in your room for an instant change. Think about the furniture you have in your room. Are there any bits that aren’t used or out of date? You can get rid of them to create more space. While you’re rearranging, have a look at the way the room is dressed. Sometimes, simply changing a worn or fading cushion cover is all that’s needed to spruce up a room. A piece of artwork can also work wonders; there are plenty of canvases and prints available now at good prices.

Throw It Out

Having a good declutter is a great way to make a room feel better. It clears away the mess and allows you to see your room again for what it really is. Getting rid of unwanted items creates more space, costs absolutely nothing and helps your home run more efficiently. It’s surprising how much unnecessary stuff can accumulate in our houses, which clutters up our living spaces. You’ll certainly feel better after it.

Back To Nature

Finally a simply vase of flowers or a few well placed plants can make a room more homely and beautiful. If you can’t afford fresh flowers every week use artificial ones which can look just as good.




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About Joanne Lowe

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