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Using Pattern In Your Home Without Clashing

Using Pattern In Your Home Without Clashing

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Planning a room’s décor can be pretty hard work, even before you lift a paintbrush. Firstly, you’ve to find a colour scheme that everyone is happy with, then you need to ensure that you won’t get bored of it in the months to come. One way to do this and add extra interest to a room is to use pattern.

Why use pattern?

Along with colour and texture, pattern can add an extra dimension to a room, giving it more character and reflecting your own tastes. It helps define the space and can make an ordinary room look exceptional.

Don’t be scared

Using pattern can be pretty daunting, particularly if up until now you’ve stuck with block colours. How do you choose the perfect pattern for a room, how do you make sure that it doesn’t clash with the patterned rug/sofa/curtains that you love and want to keep? If you’re not sure where to start, there are some guidelines you can follow to ensure the room works as a whole. Pattern is bang on trend this season so don’t be afraid to dip your toes in the water.

Understand the effects

Different patterns can affect a room in different ways. For example, horizontal stripes can make a room appear longer or wider while vertical stripes give the illusion of height. Some patterns will overwhelm a small room, but can be used as a feature on a smaller area. Wallpapering one area or introducing patterned furniture can add style without being too overpowering.


One of the most important ways to make sure patterns don’t clash is to make sure the décor is balanced. Sit striking patterns alongside plainer areas, leaving a gap between differing patterns to avoid them clashing. Combine larger prints with smaller patterns, adding interest and variety. Mix and match your prints but use blocks of solid colour, such as a painted wall or wooden flooring, to separate them.


Choosing patterns

Using Pattern In Your Home Without ClashingWhen choosing patterns it’s important to pick ones that will work well together, even if they ‘clash’. Keep to a co-ordinating colour scheme and prints with a similar style. A feminine floral print on the walls will be completely ruined when teamed with a monochrome, geometric patterned rug! Sticking to the same colour palette will tie all the patterns together, resulting in a thought-out cohesive look.

Look for inspiration

It can be difficult to tell how a small sample of wallpaper or fabric will translate onto a room. Look around for inspiration, try to see items you like in situ. Most websites include images of wallpapers covering a whole surface; many showrooms will have examples of how you could use different prints on display. These will help you envisage how they might look in your home.

There are many ways that pattern can be used in home décor and many patterns work well together. If you’re not sure enough to go all out, start using pattern gradually, adding different elements as you get a feel for the room, you will grow more confident as you go along. And finally, be sure to trust your instincts. If you think something looks good together then it probably does.





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