• blue cross

    The Blue Cross

    The Blue Cross is a UK registered charity founded in 1897. Blue Cross relies completely on donations and does no receive any money from the government or local authorities. The Blue Cross has a number of roles that they fulfill, providing services across the UK. Their primary services include help and support for pet owners

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    Should you get a dog

    Should you get a dog? So, you’ve either been worn down by your kids or perhaps it’s been a life long dream of yours or your partners to have a 4-legged family member. Either way it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly and certainly not a decision that should be rushed. If you

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    no fuss pets

    No fuss pets

    No fuss pets “Mum can we get a puppy, mum can we get a puppy, MUM CAN WE GET A PUPPY?!” You know who’ll end up walking him… Uh oh. They’ve started asking for a pet. Mainly they ask for a puppy, but some days it’s a parrot, cat, or even a Komodo dragon. Frankly,

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    micro pigs

    Micro pigs

    Micro Pigs – The Pigs That Got Big! This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef and this little piggy had none… but this little piggy grew bigger than anyone expected and is now looking for a new home! They were the new craze for pet

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    money sving tips

    Keeping chickens as pets

    Keeping Chickens as Pets: Is it Good for You? They aren’t your standard household pet or small fury animal you can watch running around a wheel, keeping chickens as pets can make a great alternative for both young and old. But as with any animal you are considering taking on, you should ensure you can

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    Pet health and care

    Children handling pets

    Children Handling Pets At some point in their lives, your child will probably ask for a pet, whether it’s a pony or a pooch. Some parents might consider buying their child a pet as they get older to help give them a sense of responsibility or you may already have a menagerie of animals already

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