Rainy day activities

  • Children’s Fancy Dress

    How to get make sure your kids win at fancy dress Sooner or later the dreaded day comes. Your child comes home clutching a letter – there’s a children’s fancy dress contest, and of course, your little one is desperate to enter. Now, no one is suggesting that you are the sadly competitive type, but

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    Easter eggs

    Easter Egg Alternatives

    Ask any child what Easter means to them, and chances are their eyes will light up, they will lick their lips, and then say ‘LOTS of chocolate eggs.’ For most kids, the real meaning of Easter has been buried beneath a mound of foil-coated, high calorie Easter eggs, pretty much guaranteed to rot teeth and

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    Woman thinking

    The 10 best things to spend your hard-earned cash on

    Every parent probably has a few things tucked away in a cupboard that we bought when expecting our first child, but never really used. Here are some must-buys that you will never regret spending your precious pennies on. 1. The best hand cream you can afford. Because you’re worth it, obviously, but mostly because your

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