School holiday activities

  • Northern Lights

    The Northern Lights

    For centuries, the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights has illuminated the Arctic skies, causing spectators to look on in awe at its unexplained presence. The Lights are also referred to as the Aurora Borealis, which is a name coined by Pierre Gassandi in 1621. Aurora is the name of the ancient Goddess of the

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    Family on coach trip

    Coach trip holidays: they’re not just for oldies!

    The mere phrase, “coach trip holidays” usually conjures up images of people of a certain age travelling to the seaside to play bingo and sip cups of tea as they recline in their deckchairs. Banish these images from your mind, because times they are a changing! With the economic climate as it is, more and

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    Girl on beach

    Top 10 Free and Cheap Activities for Kids

    As a child the summer holidays were a time to relax, have fun and be occupied by your parents.  As parents the buck stops with you, and this swathe of unstructured child-time can be daunting.  But fear not.  There are a whole raft of fun and inexpensive activities to engage your mini-whirlwinds during the holidays

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    Woman thinking

    The 10 best things to spend your hard-earned cash on

    Every parent probably has a few things tucked away in a cupboard that we bought when expecting our first child, but never really used. Here are some must-buys that you will never regret spending your precious pennies on. 1. The best hand cream you can afford. Because you’re worth it, obviously, but mostly because your

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