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Mother stole daughters rape compensation money to pay for wedding


Back in 2006, Chantelle Jones became Britain’s youngest mother after giving birth at just twelve years old. Her son’s biological father is rapist Russel Tovey, who was her mother’s boyfriend at the time and who attacked Chantelle twice. At first, Chantelle and her family mistook her pregnancy for weight gain and it was only two weeks prior to delivery that doctors discovered she was pregnant.

Mother stole to pay for wedding

Chantelle received £22,000 in compensation, which was entrusted to her mother Beverley Bale, as Chantelle was a minor. Chantelle told Sunday People that Mrs Bale gave her £7,000 when she turned eighteen and promised the remaining £15,000 on her 21st. However, Chantelle received just £2,000 when she turned 21, claiming that her mother had spent £10,000 on a wedding.

‘She’s betrayed me for the last time,’ Chantelle told Sunday People. ‘Not only have I lost my childhood, I’ve lost my baby and now I’ve lost my compensation for being raped. She’s ruined my life and I don’t want anything to do with her.’

Pleaded guilty

Mrs Bale appeared at Gloucester Crown Court last month, having plead guilty to stealing £13,000 from her daughter and has received sixteen months in jail and 150 hours of unpaid work. Her defendant Joe Maloney said Mrs Bale was ‘very embarrassed’ and that her financial situation was ‘increasingly parlous’, which is why she used the money to support her family.rape compensation

11 years in prison

Mrs Bale’s ex, Russel Tovey, was 31 when he attacked Chantelle and was sentenced to eleven years in prison in 2006. Judge Jamie Tabor, QC, told Tovey: ‘you have taken away not just her adolescence but what remains of her childhood. The consequences are catastrophic and this will affect her for the rest of her life. You have quite clearly lost your moral compass,’





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