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New web addresses could confuse UK Internet users

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From next year new .uk web addresses are to be introduced in the UK, there are concerns that these new addresses could cause problems for Internet users and websites.

Currently in the UK websites use .co.uk and .org.uk domains, these could change next summer to a shorter address of just .uk.

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An example would be “theworkingparent.uk’’ instead of ‘’theworkingparent.co.uk’’.

The new domains can be used alongside or instead of the existing addresses that uk based websites already use.


Nominet the organisation in charge if the domain system initially felt that the shorter suffix could confuse web users, they have now decided that the scheme should go ahead.

France and Germany already have a similar domain system in place. France uses the .fr suffix and Germany use the .de extension. It has also been announced that London will have its own domain suffix too.

How will it work?

If you own a website and would like your site to have the new .uk suffix then it will be possible if you have a .co.uk or .org.uk website from next year, you will get first refusal for up to 5 years. Priority will be given to a .co.uk website over a .org.uk site.

The new domain will cost £3.50 per year if you choose to register for a one year period, if you have more than one website then it will cost £2.50 per domain name.

Will web search users be affected?

Nominet’s chief executive Lesley Cowley told the BBC ‘’We think internet users are pretty savvy and will take this in their stride’’.

Non profit organisation Nominet did however acknowledge that there could be some confusion among internet users, for example knowing which domain to use in emails leading them to not arrive at their destination.





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