Why men trying for a baby should ditch tight pants

It’s been known for some time that if you’re trying for a baby, wearing tight restrictive pants can have an impact on the quality of sperm produced, but recent studies have now shown that it could actually be the biggest risk factor to sperm quality. Let loose It’s no longer just a bit of an amusing

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Shoppers at Bluewater get stuck for 6 hours!

Police had to be called to the Bluewater Shopping Center in Kent yesterday, after the car park became gridlocked, leaving shoppers stuck for hours. Influx of shoppers The nightmare shopping trip began when Bluewater had a huge unexpected influx of shoppers all hitting the mall at a similar time. The 240 acres of car parking

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Tax Credits Cuts Scrapped

George Osborne Budget 2015

Working families all over the UK breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced the controversial planned changes to Tax Credits would be scrapped. Tax Credit Cuts George Osborne announced the plans to change tax credits, which could see thousands of families financially worse off, earlier this year. However, the proposals outraged

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Next cancel firework display metres from dog rescue centre

bonfire safety

Many pet owners will know this time of year can be incredibly stressful for their beloved pets as fireworks can terrify animals. When one of the UKs leading stores, NEXT, planned a firework display meters from East Midlands Dog Rescue Centre, many were worried for the dogs and rallied around to try and help. Dogs

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Firefighters set alight Halloween costumes in stark warning to parents

A group of firefighters have filmed themselves setting children’s Halloween costumes alight to highlight just how quickly the outfits can go up in flames. Hard-hitting video Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) said some costumes on sale in shops up and down the country took just nine seconds to become engulfed in flames and

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Pupil stabbed at Aberdeen school dies

A 16-year-old Scottish student has died after another pupil stabbed him at a school in Aberdeen. Murder investigation The boy, who is being called Bailey Gwynne from Maryculter, was rushed to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary yesterday after police were called to Cults Academy at 1.30pm. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save the boy, and he died in

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