Baking your way to happiness?

Cupcakes baking

For anyone that has suffered from depression, the feeling of that big dark cloud hovering over your head and blocking all the light from your life is one you’ll be familiar with, along with the daily dose of anti depressants and struggle to get through another day. While taking a pill or getting some form

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Adoptions are on the increase

Father and son fishing

Despite the criticism of the UK’s adoption process and the endless red tape and hoops couples have to jump through to adopt a child, it seems that more children than ever have found new homes as 9.8% more were adopted in 2012 in England and Wales, compared to 2011 – a total of 5,206 children.

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Working parents chased by bailiffs

loan sharks

Research has shown that 1 in 5 people with a bailiff problem are working parents. The study which was undertaken by the Citizens Advice Bureau also found that parents are more likely to have bailiffs knocking on the door than any other household. Figures show that half of the people seeking advice on bailiff issues

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Study reveals link between induced labour and autism

anaesthetist was drunk pregnancy

US researchers have found links between autism and induced births. 625,000 children participated in the 8 year study, which was published by JAMA Pediatrics. The study found that the link was stronger in boys than in girls. Further investigations Scientists are now calling for further investigation into the results as they can’t be clear why

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New childcare help for working parents: Is it fair?


Working parents have been screaming out for help with childcare costs as many continue to struggle to make ends meet, with either stagnant or reduced wages trying to cover the increasing cost of childcare. It seems the government have finally listened and with planned tax breaks aimed at helping families where both parents work, hard

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