Dad carries disabled son to school because of row over disabled parking bay

An Edinburgh father has to carry his disabled son 100 yards to school because a local resident keeps using the disabled parking bay close to the building. Disabled parking  bay Eight-year-old Keir Wallace suffers from a rare condition called familial cold auto-inflammatory syndrome type 2, which leaves his legs in agony. This means he is

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Breastfeeding bullies attack bottle feeding mum of twins

Breastfeeding when returning to work

Amanda Ririe, a 39 year old mother was subjected to of an online attack for bottle feeding her twin boys. Amanda says the messages posted online anonymously called her a “terrible mother,” and told her that with her “selfish act” she was “condemning her children to a life of ill-health, obesity and poor school results.”

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Disney announces Ducktales comeback!

First it was Inspector Gadget then Dangermouse and now late ‘80s/early ‘90s cartoon DuckTales is to receive the reboot treatment. Disney announced this week that the popular Emmy Award-winning animated show is to make a comeback on its Disney XD channel in 2017. Characters The original cartoon followed the adventures of the wealthy Scrooge McDuck

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Smoking in cars with children: Police may not enforce fines

From Thursday a new law that prohibits smokers from smoking in cars with children will come into effect, however police officers have stated that the law will not be enforced. £50 fines If caught, smokers can be given £50 fines, however police bosses have said they will instead give people warnings. The polices’ reluctance to

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Are over protective parents creating clueless kids?

annoying things non parents say

A leading figure in education has expressed concern that over protective parents may be creating a generation of kids who are ill-equipped for life. David Hanson is Chief Executive of the Independent Association of Prep Schools, the IAPS, and voiced his thoughts in the Sunday Telegraph ahead of the IAPS Annual Conference, due to take place

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