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50% of cancer patients survive over a decade


New research from Cancer Research UK suggests that 50% of patients diagnosed with cancer in England and Wales are likely to survive over a decade.

Not always a death sentence

Many researchers have stated that cancer need no longer be viewed as a death sentence as our ability to deal with the disease has improved drastically, mostly due to early diagnosis and better treatment. During the early 1970’s only 24% of individuals diagnosed ever survived past a decade, and now Cancer Research UK is hoping to continue to increase that percentage to 75% over the next ten years.

Improving cancer treatment

Although many cancers have increasing numbers of survival rates there are some such as lung cancer, which only has a 5% chance of survival over ten years, and pancreatic cancer, which has devastatingly low survival statistics at just 1%. Cancer Research UK’s Chief Executive Dr Harpal Kumar stated, “I don’t think we would ever have expected to achieve what we have. We’re gradually reversing the tide on this devastating disease. But many people still do not survive – we must tackle that.” They plan to focus on improving personalised cancer treatment, reduce smoking rates and concentrate more on cancers with lower cancer rates.

A spokeswoman for the Department Of Health has said, “We share Cancer Research UK’s aspirations for the UK to be the best place in the world to survive cancer. We have seen significant improvements in some cancer survival rates, with new and innovative research and earlier diagnosis at the heart of this upward trend.”



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