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77% of kids don’t get enough exercise

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A recent poll of 2,000 parents across the UK has revealed that more than three-quarters of children are not getting enough exercise. Current government guidelines recommend that between the ages of 5 and 18 our kids aim to have at least an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day, outside of the school environment. The results showed that 77% of children fail get more than even 4 hours of exercise each week, with this figure rising to 88% in those families with the lowest incomes.


The study was conducted on behalf of the British Heart Foundation, Tesco, and Diabetes UK. The results also showed that 14% of parents admitted their kids get no out-of-school exercise at all. When questioned on their knowledge of the guidelines, 85% of parents confessed to not knowing what they were at all. 75% guessed that children needed just 30 minutes of moderate to physical exercise a day.

Schools responsibility

37% of parents in the poll thought it should be the school’s responsibility to ensure their kids get sufficient exercise. And in the earnings bracket from £15-20,000 pa 85% of parents said they thought many activities were too expensive. Around a third of parents polled blamed the low levels of exercise their kids were getting on a lack of free or cheap facilities in their local area.

Talking to the Daily Mirror, Catherine Kelly, Director of Prevention, Survival and Support at the British Heart Foundation said: “Being inactive can lead to a multitude of health problems for children, including an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in later life.”

“The benefits of physical activity outside of the classroom and within the community are vast, and as well as benefiting their heart health, it’s fun too.”

Tesco, Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation work together in a national partnership encouraging healthier living, which includes encouraging more exercise. This poll seems designed to highlight areas of concern.



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