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9 year old writes to parents regarding tooth fairy’s existence


Super sleuth and 9-year-old, Lexi has become an Internet sensation after she wrote a letter to her parents addressing the existence of the Tooth Fairy.

I don’t believetoothfairy

Lexi composed a strongly worded letter to her mum and dad revealing the fact that not only did she know her father swapped the tooth under her pillow for money, but she also no longer believes in Santa Claus or the East Bunny.

The torn notebook page read:

Dear “Tooth Fairy,” I don’t belive [sic] in the tooth fairy anymore.

‘I know it’s you who gets the money and puts it under my pillow, mom and dad.

‘I’m sorry if this is hard for you, but I’m nine now.

‘P.S. I don’t believe in Santa Claus either.

‘Love Lexi.’

Lexi finished off her letter by adding: ‘PS. Daddy, I knew it was you last Easter hiding my Easter eggs.’

Posted last year

Lexi’s note was actually posted on Reddit last year, but has recently resurfaced after others shared their own experiences of discovering the truth.

One commenter wrote: ‘My son thought Santa was real until he was 12. I actually told him because he was in middle school and I wanted to save him from embarrassment. His reaction was that he was mad at me for lying to him all his life. My daughter chimes in “I’ve known since I was 5”.’



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