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Adoptions are on the increase

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Despite the criticism of the UK’s adoption process and the endless red tape and hoops couples have to jump through to adopt a child, it seems that more children than ever have found new homes as 9.8% more were adopted in 2012 in England and Wales, compared to 2011 – a total of 5,206 children.

The majority of these children (63%) were aged between one and four years old, compared to just 38% in 1998 and the amount of children adopted by unmarried parents also rose from 82% to 85% as well.

The adoption process

Going through the process of adopting a child has been described as overly intrusive, judgemental highly critical, as potential parents have every aspect of their personal life, relationships and home assessed, with the process in many cases, taking well over a year. While there is absolutely no doubt that any person wanting to adopt a child must be suitable and rigorous checks must take place, it has been accepted that the process needs to be overhauled. People who are willing to adopt a child are often the last lifeline for many young people who would otherwise face the prospect of a lifetime with no family and childhood in care.

Changing the law

The Department for Education are now committed to changing the law in order to reduce barriers which may delay the adoption process and are calling for urgent action from both potential adoptive parents and the local authorities.

This change in attitude towards the adoption process is thought to be one of the reasons we are seeing figures rising, and if true, this can only be seen as a positive step forward, both for parents wanting to adopt and more importantly for the children who are desperate to find a stable, loving family they can call their own.

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