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Are more school holiday childcare headaches on the way?

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Kids love them, parents, well not so much and for working parents the school holidays are an additional stress. Juggling childcare and work for weeks on end is hard enough but if the government moves forward with its plans to allow head teachers to set holiday dates, it could make for childcare chaos for those with children at different schools.

Plans to change school holidays?

From September 2015, the government wants all schools in England to set their own holiday dates instead of local councils which currently decide when our kids are set free from the school gates. The proposed changes would mean that the amount of school holidays could be reduced along with differing term dates. At the moment, most schools take two weeks off at Easter and Christmas, three half term breaks of a week and a six week summer holiday, but changes could mean that schools scrap this model completely. They might opt to shorten the summer holiday or divide the school year into six equal short terms with two week holidays separating them.

Have a Great Summer from School

Is it a good idea?

For some parents, this prospect might seem appealing; cheaper holidays abroad, no never ending summer with children complaining they’re bored or fighting with their siblings, but according to a recent survey carried out by Charity 4 Children, 77% of 1,190 of parents questioned didn’t agree, fearing it would make planning activities or childcare much more difficult. So with one side struggling with long holiday dilemmas and the other worried any changes may cause chaos, what is the answer?

The childcare solution?

Instead of giving free reign on school holidays, it’s suggested that schools could do more to help with the on-going childcare issues by opening their doors during the holidays and allowing local childcare providers to use the facilities. Instead of having schools closed for weeks on end it makes sense to use them to help of refer more affordable childcare for parents.

Ultimately, if these changes come into effect, it will be the responsibility of the school to work with parents and carers to find a solution that works best for everyone. Schools will want to keep a healthy, positive relationship with parents and their children and we will need to trust they will come to a solution that maintains that relationship.





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