Articles written by Alison McKay

Taking your child to the theatre

If panto season has passed you by because you’re nervous about taking your young child to the theatre, then here are some top tips to get you all in the mood – after all, who wouldn’t want to see Phil Mitchell in tights? Pick a story they know Firstly choose a show that’s based on

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Taking children to museums and gallerys

The idea of visiting a museum with small children might seem like a bad idea on the face of it. The thought of being shushed at, disapproved of and generally made to feel like interlopers can be too much to bear. But why should art lovers and museophiles, who are also parents, have to give

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Are you Anti valentines day

February 14, the traditional feast day of St Valentine, has been associated with romantic love since the middle ages, and marked by the giving of gifts for more than 300 years. The origins and intentions of the day remain fine – an opportunity to profess so-far-undeclared passion, or to confirm undying love. But there’s a

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Making new years resolutions work

What a cliché! You vow all through the festive season that you’ll go on a healthy living spree come 1 January, only to fall at the first hurdle and topple off the 5-a-day, jog-every-morning, no alcohol-or-chocolate wagon before the month is out. But were you really serious about turning over that new leaf? If there

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What to do with unwanted gifts

We’ve all got someone whose gifts we open with something akin to dread. Kind as they are to think of us, it can be tough to paint on a smile at the sight of a garment that you know you’ll never wear, home wares that will always look at odds with your decor, or something

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how to avoid Christmas day being a flop

How to avoid Christmas day being a flop

The supermarket Christmas aisle opens before Halloween, the kids have been counting down ‘sleeps till Santa’ since 1 December, and it feels like you’ve been ploughing through present lists, shopping lists and to-do lists for weeks. With so much anticipation – not to mention the stress of getting everything ready – it’s not uncommon for

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