Articles written by Alison McKay

Ways to celebrate Halloween

Halloween parties

Halloween-themed parties There are plenty of good reasons to hold  Halloween parties. For children it might be a timely theme for an autumn birthday party, or an alternative to ‘trick or treating’. For adults it’s a great way to let your hair down as the weather turns and winter looms large. Or it might just

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breathing for rtelaxation

How to breath for relaxation

How to breathe to relax Breathing’s an automatic function – a contraction and expansion of muscles to draw in vital air to the body that’s impossible to resist, as any child who’s had a ‘holding your breath’ competition can tell you. So we shouldn’t need lessons, should we? Think again – our normal breathing actually

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children at social occasions

Children at social occasions

Sorry, no children Everyone loves a good party! So whenever an invitation to a wedding or birthday bash drops through your letter box (or more likely these days into your inbox), it’s cause for celebration. But sometimes reading the proverbial small print can take the shine off somewhat. Nestled there among the dates and venues,

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Are you or your child anorexic? Comfort eating, not liking how you look and feeling that life would be that little bit better if only you were 10lbs lighter; we can probably all relate to these at some point in our lives. So are we all at risk of developing an eating disorder? Well, seeing

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Sad girl sitting on floor

When social services get involved

How many of us have been bawling at the kids to behave and wondered whether the neighbours are dialling social services? Or looked at our child’s bruised shins of many colours at the side of the pool and imagined that Esther Rantzen is going to come knocking? For most of us, it’s probably a fleeting

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dealing with shyness

Why is my child stressed?

Ask a child what worries them and you’ll probably get ‘when I run fast I worry I’ll fall over’ and ‘sometimes I think there’s a witch in my bedroom’ (true story – straw poll of one). But there’s much more going on in that little head, and a heap of stuff could be piling pressure

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