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make a will

How to deal with a death in the family

Losing a loved one is distressing for anyone, let alone a child who may not have encountered death before. How can you explain and help them manage their feelings, when you’re grieving? Help children understand If someone’s very ill, and it’s just a question of time, then use that time to prepare your child. Kids

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family time or housework

Family time or housework?

Whether to indulge in a little family time or housework is a battle many parents come across regularly. There are any number of activities, day trips and ways to entertain your children at the weekends, but none of that gets clothes washed, school uniforms ironed, shopping done and the house cleaned. (Unless you’re lucky enough

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working parents

Is being a working parent bad for your children?

There seems to have been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in the media in recent years asking the question ‘is being a working parent bad for your children?’ And, perhaps unsurprisingly, ‘parent’ in this debate seems very often to mean ‘mother’. Yes, we can take it as a compliment that mothers are recognised as

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how to be a better parent

Be a better parent

7 day countdown… Wanting to try and be a better parent? Ever felt like you’re letting your kids down, robbing Peter to play with Paul, and generally giving parenting a shoddy name? Well, firstly, you’re not the only one. And secondly, you’re probably actually doing OK. But we could all do with a metaphorical shot

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predicting gender at 12 weeks

Financially preparing for a baby

With the average cost of raising a child to the age of 21 reckoned to be over £200,000, financially preparing for a baby as soon as possible is a good idea, so you’ve got a nest egg to cover the costs of, well, nesting.  But for those of us less practical or who weren’t planning

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teaching your child to share

Out of school childcare

Out of school childcare can be a headache for many working parents. Your child’s been happy at their nursery or with your childminder for the past three to four years, and everything has been running smoothly. But now that school is looming, your child’s day – and your childcare arrangements – are about to get

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