Articles written by Rebecca Robinson

Cerebral Palsy: Exclusive interview with CPTeens founder Ellie Simpson

We’ve been lucky enough to exclusively interview the founder of CP Teens, the only site of it’s kind in the UK which helps support young people with Cerebral Palsy. Find out more about this unique non-profit organisation as we speak to Ellie Simpson, founder of CP Teens UK. What is Cerebral Palsy and how does

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Toddler Tantrums: The random things our kids throw a wobbly over!

We recently ran a competition on toddler tantrums to find out the funniest thing your toddler has thrown a wobbly over. Those little munchkins of ours often have a complete meltdown over the most trivial of things and here are the best of the best from you, real parents! Food Fracas – Who knew carrots could

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What I wished I’d known about labour and birth

Every mum will have their own birth story or tips they’ll share with you; from where they were when they went into labour to the magical moment their precious little bundle entered the world. But there’s often a few crucial facts that seem to get left out of the equation. Facts that most mums to be

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top 10 must have items for new parents

Top 10 must have items for new parents – by YOU!

In one of our competitions, we asked you the experts, your top 10 must have items for new parents. We weren’t talking about cots, prams, car seats or nappies, but those items that you thought you might not use much but they ended up a God send! We had a record number of tips (over

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Are You a First-Time Festivaler? Guide to UK Festivals

The UK plays host to a vast number of music festivals every year, from early spring right through to late autumn. The festival atmosphere and degree of self-policing that goes on amongst festival-goers makes these events reasonably safe, and therefore popular with young and old music fans alike. If you fancy donning your wellies and

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