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George Osborne Budget 2015

Tax Credits Cuts Scrapped

Working families all over the UK breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced the controversial planned changes to Tax Credits would be scrapped. Tax Credit Cuts George Osborne announced the plans to change tax credits, which could see thousands of families financially worse off, earlier this year. However, the proposals outraged

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Toddler who choked on a grape at Pizza Hut, has died

The heart-breaking news has emerged that Jacob Jenkins, the toddler who choked on a grape while at Pizza hut, sadly passed away last night. Rushed to hospital Jacob was with his parents at a Hartlepool branch of Pizza Hut last Friday, when he began to choke on a grape. First aiders tried to remove the

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The best Autumnal baby names

Are you expecting a baby this Autumn or looking for an Autumnal baby names? Here are our top 10 Autumnal names for boys and girls: Girls Autumnal Names Autumn – The most popular season name and is warm and regal Aurelia – From the masculine Roman ‘Aurelias’ meaning ‘the golden one’ Hazel – Meaning from ‘the

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New Mary Poppins film to be made

It’s a timeless classic, loved by all and now there is a new Mary Poppins film in the pipeline! New Mary Poppins film Mary Poppins was originally released in 1964 and starred Dick Van Dyke and Dame Julie Andrews singing the now world famous ‘supercalifragalisticexpialidocious’ and ‘spoon full of sugar’ songs. Now, over 50 years

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Medical ID on iPhone

Have you got your medical ID on your iPhone? If you were in an accident and the emergency services needed to contact your next of kin or know important medical information about you, would they be able to find it? Medical ID Did you know that on your iPhone (some androids do have a similar

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primary school places

Summer born babies allowed to delay school by a year

Children that are born in the summer will now have the option of delaying the start of their schooling if their parents don’t feel they’re ready. Summer born babies The issue has been raised repeatedly by parents whose children have only just turned four before having to start school in September. Many feel they just

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