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the best potty training tips from you

The best Potty Training tips from YOU!

Whether you’re a first time parent or experienced parent of many, potty training is a challenge we all face at some point. We recently asked you for your best potty training tips and received a fantastic response. Here’s some of the best potty training tips from you!: ‘We dyed the toilet water with red or

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job interview tips

The BEST job interview tips from YOU!

It’s a nail biting, nerve wracking time for many of us when we’re faced with a panel of people trying to judge whether we’re the right person for a job. So we asked for your job interview tips which have worked for you- here are the best! Nailing those nerves! ‘Don’t fiddle! If it’s a

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best mobile phones

Looking for the best mobile phones? Here’s the top 3

Is your contract up and you’re looking for the best mobile phones? Rewind 10 to 15 years and you probably only had the choice of two or three mobile phone contracts and handsets to choose from – they also probably resembled a brick with an ariel and no such thing as texts or internet access! Now

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renewable energy

The best energy saving tips from YOU!

We had a record number of you enter our ‘Best Energy Saving Tips’ competition last week and you gave us some really great ideas to cut down on the energy we waste, as well as our bills! Here’s some of the best from you… Radiator Revelations! Put tin foil or reflective foil behind radiators –

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The history of pancake day

Most of us know that Shrove Tuesday  (or pancake day) means eating lots of pancakes and has something to do with frying up all the fatty foods before lent. But what is the history of pancake day? Shrove Tuesday Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Shrove stems from

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time saving tips

The best time saving tips from YOU!

As busy working parents, if you can find ways to save a few minutes here and there to make life easier, you will! So we thought we’d ask the experts, all you parents, what your time saving tips were and we had an amazing response, picking up some great idea’s ourselves! If you missed the recent

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