Articles written by Rebecca Robinson

Look guys!! Valentines day gift offers

OK we know a lot of you feel Valentines day can be one big marketing ploy in order for us to part with our cash to buy cards, fluffy teddy bears and officially declare our love to our other half’s, but we still love it!! So if you’re thinking about getting a little something for

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money saving tips

Top Money Saving Tips from YOU!

We all like to bag a bargain or save a few pennies where we can, so we recently asked all our members to post their top money saving tips onto our Facebook page. We had a great response and you shared some fantastic ideas, which all of us at The Working Parent absolutely loved! So,

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healthy snacks

How to snack healthily

If you’re one of the thousands starting your new year’s diet, attempting to cut down on some of the junk you’re eating or just reading this by chance, you probably know that when you’re hungry, you’re more likely to snack. Most of those snacks tend to be high in fat, sugar, calories or salt and

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Dog behaviour and children

With the recent tragic deaths of children by dog attacks, it’s vitaly important that as a pet owner, parent, or both, you’re responsible for your dog and your children’s safety. That means ensuring your children behave appropriately around dogs, as a dog owner you’re in full control of your animal and that as a human

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How to detox

We’ve all heard about detox diets and how they flush out the toxins in your body, making you feel healthier and brighter. As a result of over-indulging in all the rich food over Christmas, if you’ve been thinking about detoxing, now is the perfect time! Here’s how to detox without starving yourself of essential nutrients:

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