Articles written by Catherine Stern

Council Tax Banding: Check yours is right

For most of us council tax is just another of those monthly bills we have to pay and we don’t give a second thought to whether or not we’re paying the right amount. However, as many as 400,000 properties across England and Scotland could be have the wrong council tax banding and be paying too much. Checking

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Should my teenager pay board?

You presume that raising children until the age of 18 or when they finish university is enough. Previous generations have tended to move out of the family home as soon as possible, but more and more older children are choosing to remain there. With this in mind, are you wondering ‘should my teenager pay board?’

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pre-nuptial agreement

How to arrange a pre-nuptial agreement

Pre-nuptial agreements were once reserved for the truly rich and famous, with vast amounts of assets that they needed to protect. They are now becoming more popular amongst the general public, who want to ensure their financial security if the marriage was to end. If you’re considering a pre-nuptial agreement, where do you begin? On

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Sharing maternity and paternity leave

Under new Government plans that are set be introduced by April 2015, both mothers and fathers will have the right to share some of their parental leave. This will enable both parents to have a greater involvement in the childcare arrangements for the first year, as well as allowing women to return to work if

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stamp duty

Why are letting agents fees so high?

One of the biggest hurdles to moving between rented properties can be the extortionate letting agents fees. The differences between agents can be vast, but often people might be forced to miss out on their dream property because of the extent of the charges. Why are these fees so high and is there anything that

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Volunteering abroad

Where to start If you want a change from your daily life and to experience new cultures, then volunteering abroad might be for you. Participating in volunteer projects isn’t just for students on gap years; there are plenty of opportunities for those with qualifications and experience. Where do you start planning a volunteer trip? Volunteering

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