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How To Stay Happy When You Are Struggling With Debt

Debt and Mental Health

Having money problems can be the cause of serious worry and stress for anyone but when debt and mental health issues are mixed, this can be a particularly tough combination. For those with mental health issues, either long standing or caused by financial problems, it’s especially important that you seek the right help and advice.

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new mortgage lending rules

Moving House Checklist

It can be exciting moving into a new property, but it’s also an extremely stressful time. To help moving house go a bit smoother, there are elements you can organise in advance. This moving house checklist should stop you forgetting anything and ensure that everything is sorted before you move in. Re-direct your mail It’s vital

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Interview tips

Attending an interview can be nerve wracking, especially if you haven’t had one for a while. It’s important to make sure you prepare yourself and have an idea of what to expect beforehand. To help we’ve put together a few top interview tips for what to do before and when you’re there. Do your research

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appealing a parking ticket

Private Parking Tickets: Get clued up!

Everyone hates receiving parking tickets and usually we’ll pay quickly to get a discount. However, you should first check who’s issued the ticket. Many private firms can be unscrupulous in their practices and there’s the possibility of winning an appeal. Here’s our guide to the ins and outs of private parking tickets. Who is the

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which expenses can my limited company claim

How to find a good accountant

Are you wondering how to find a good accountant? Whether you’re self employed or running your own business, having a good accountant can help save you both time and money. If you’re running on a tight budget they might not seem an essential expense, but often the advice and support they provide can be invaluable.

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Top ten tips for bagging a bargain online

We all like to think we’re getting the best deal when we’re shopping online, so here’s our list of the top ten tips for bagging a bargain online. Use discount vouchers These are a great way of getting what you want for less. Dedicated sites, such as and, update their listings daily so

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