Articles written by Catherine Stern

Marketing your business

Developing a marketing plan for your new business

Developing a marketing plan is one of the first things you need to put in place when establishing a new business. There’s no point selling an excellent product or service if no one knows about you. If you’re putting together a plan, what points should you be considering? Do Your Research Any good marketing strategy

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does work?ing in an office make you fat

Does working in an office make you fat?

Do you work in an office? Have you wondered why you’ve been putting on weight recently? It could be because of your job. If you spend the majority of your day stuck at the computer or on the phone it’s likely that you’ll have put weight on in the last year. There are ways you

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mortgage lending

Remortgaging to save money: Is it an option for me?

Remortgaging to save money: Is it an option for me? Remortgaging to save money has been an option many people have been opting for in recent years. For most people, mortgage repayments represent their largest monthly outgoing and any way in which you can save money or repay the debt quicker is good news. Mortgage rates

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holidays in term time

Holiday in Term time?

Are parents taking children out of school for cheaper holidays? We all know how expensive holidays can be during the school breaks, so it can be tempting to holiday in term time. While many parents are happy for their children to miss school, most of them don’t realise the fines that can be imposed. According

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cruise holidays

Cruise holidays

Cruise holidays – What are the hidden costs? Most of us have probably dreamed at some point of taking a cruise holiday. Thoughts of lounging by the pool, stopping at exotic locations and dining in glamorous restaurants are most peoples’ idea of heaven. However, once you get on-board, that all inclusive cruise might not be

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gap insurance

Gap Insurance: How does it work?

Gap insurance is often completely forgotten about. Buying or renting a brand new car is an exciting, but also expensive, time; whether you pay for it outright or through finance, you’re putting a large investment into the vehicle. Unfortunately, if you have an accident and the car is written off or it’s stolen, your insurance policy

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