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Tax: Am I paying the correct amount?

In the words of HM Revenue and Customs, ‘Tax doesn’t have to be taxing’. And they’re right. It pays to know how it works so here’s a quick guide: PAYE The UK’s Pay As You Earn system (PAYE) collects tax from us as our wages are paid in. We pay tax throughout the year rather

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cancel my old credit card?

How much should you have in savings for a rainy day?

If you’re already struggling to pay the bills or just break even every month, it can be hard to put money aside savings for a rainy day. There are often more pressing priorities and you might just hope that the rainy day never materialises. How much should you ideally have saved for an emergency and

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Piggy bank family

What is an ISA?

ISA stand for Individual Savings Account, and they’re the most basic form of tax avoidance available to residents of the UK. When did we start using an ISA? Back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, the forerunners to ISAs were launched by the Thatcher and Major governments. You may remember PEPs (Personal Equity Plans) and

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can you get car finance if you are on benefits

Can you get car finance if you are on benefits?

For most people a car is a necessity, whether it’s for getting to work, ferrying children around or just doing the shopping. If you’ve got children, safety and reliability can be key issues and it’s not always practical to buy a cheaper, older model. What are your car finance options? With the squeeze on household

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credit unions loan alternatives

Can you get a loan if you are receiving benefits?

We all have times when we could do with some extra money, whether it’s for emergency repairs or home improvements. Often people will turn to a loan company. However, if you’re in receipt of benefits it’s not always that easy. What options are available to you if you require a loan and you’re on benefits?

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0% spending credit cards

Can you get a Credit Card if you work part time?

For many parents, working part time offers you the chance to have a job alongside your other commitments. However, when it comes to applying for credit cards this doesn’t always work in your favour. The financial downturn has meant that more people are working part time. This has resulted in lenders relaxing their criteria, especially

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