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Widowed parent allowance

Widowed parents allowance

Losing a wife, husband or civil partner is difficult at any time. If you’re fairly young and have dependent children it can be an extremely tough period. Not only are you trying to hold things together emotionally, but you also have to ensure that your family is provided for financially. If you’re widowed with children

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Are You Getting The Right Entitlements

Can I claim health benefits

When you’re off work or need to reduce your hours due to sickness or disability, you don’t want to be having to worry about money. There are a range of benefits you could be entitled to that will help you through this period. There isn’t just one health related benefit and what you are eligible

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How to make new friends and get a social life

How to meet new friends and get a social life

If you don’t have lots of friends, you probably think that everyone else has loads and is always out socialising. However, this is not always the case. With our hectic modern lives and the tendency for people to move around more, we can lose contact with old friends and are not sure how to make

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top ten tips for earning extra money

Top ten tips for earning extra money

There always seems to be some event or special occasion that you need a bit of extra money for. Whether it’s the annual summer holiday, the children’s birthdays or Christmas, the money you spend soon adds up. Making more money from your work isn’t always possible, her’s our top ten tips for earning extra money. Sell

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Financial help fo single parents

Financial help for single parents

If you’re a single parent you don’t have to struggle financially. Depending on your personal circumstances, there is a variety of financial help for single parents. It’s important to check your entitlement if your circumstances change, as you may be eligible for more than you realise. Income Support If you’re not available to work due

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life as a single parent

Life as a single parent

If you’re new to single parent life it can be a daunting prospect. Just thinking about everything you have to deal with, as well as coping with the breakdown of a relationship, can seem too much. This is probably not how you planned your life working out and it might not even be your choice.

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