Articles written by Catherine Stern

What routine vaccines are available on the NHS

There is always a substantial amount of press coverage surrounding vaccinations for babies and toddlers. However, you might not be aware of exactly what vaccines are available for free through the NHS and when it’s best to have these administered. It’s important to check if you’re unsure what has already been received either by yourself

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benefits for the elderly

How will new pension annuity rules affect you?

Pension rules and regulations can be notoriously complex, especially where annuity is concerned. There have been important changes made to annuity rules recently, so it’s vital that you understand exactly what these are and how they might affect you. It doesn’t matter how close you are to retirement, you still need to know what money

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Relationships with large age gaps

Whether you’re an older man with a younger woman or the other way around, relationships where there’s a large age gap can be extremely successful. However, they’re also not without their problems. The issues you might face in your relationship can depend on the size of the gap, but you’re likely to have different priorities

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How to sell your business

When you start a business you might have an idea of how long you want to keep it before selling or you might not have any intention of doing so in the beginning. However, often people see the benefits of selling up and maybe starting something different. If you’re considering selling your business, what is

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How to save money when you're over 60

How to save money when you’re over 60

Are you wondering how to save money when you’re over 60? You might not feel like celebrating your 60th birthday, but it doesn’t have to mean it’s time to hide away and grow old. There are many benefits to becoming older, such as having more time to enjoy yourself and spending time with grandchildren. There

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Safety tips for kids in the kitchen

Helping your children to cook is a fun way of introducing them to preparing food. It will enable them to gain an interest in what goes into a meal and might encourage them to try new foods. To keep them safe, it’s important to start teaching them some important lessons from the beginning. Supervise them

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