Articles written by Dani Lee

Holiday entitlements at work

Will term time holidays continue?

The government have received a petition demanding they put a stop to the ban on schoolchildren taking time off school for holidays during term-time. The petition has 126,000 signatures and has been submitted to the Department for Education. Campaigners state that families can’t afford the inflated cost of a holiday during school holidays. 10 days

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Back to school boy smiling

Beat the Back to School Blues

Back to school is a term that is thrown around by advertisers from July onwards, reminding children that September is on it’s way even before they have finished their summer term. As the school summer holidays draw to a close you might notice your little ones, and not so little ones, getting anxious about returning

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Could you swap foundation for BB Cream?

I am a self confessed beauty product addict, it doesn’t take long for every new beauty product on the market to make it into my make-up bag, which is looking more like a sack these days. So, it didn’t take me long to swap my favourite foundation for my current beauty fav – BB Cream.

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Food Milestones In Children

Weaning: Beyond first tastes

Beyond First Tastes Weaning can be a stressful time for parents, are you feeding your baby enough, are you feeding them too much?  What sort of foods should they eat?  Smooth purées or lumpy mashed up concoctions?  It’s a bit of a minefield and it doesn’t matter what book you read or which website you

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a tiny heart

A Tiny Heart

One of the most exciting events in an expectant Mother’s diary is the date she first hears her baby’s heartbeat.  Just 7 weeks after conception, baby’s heart muscle develops and begins to pump blood around the body.  A tiny heart will beat over 2.5 billion times in it’s lifetime and will pump enough blood to

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MMR vaccination given to a baby

Is the MMR vaccination safe?

MMR stands for measles, mumps and rubella: Three common, highly infectious conditions that can have serious, perhaps lethal consequences for anyone at any age. Anyone born before 1988 was expected to suffer one or more of these during their childhood as a matter of course, however in 1988 the MMR vaccination was introduced in the

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