Articles written by Dani Lee

Carrot Cake Dessert

Carrot Cake- A real Nana’s recipe

I have tried many carrot cake recipes over the years but this is my absolute favourite, which might be because it’s my Nan’s very own recipe.  This cake tastes great on its’ own with a cuppa, or with custard or ice cream, maybe both.  It’s also a lovely lunch box cake and stays lovely and

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Sticky eyes children

My child has sticky eyes, what should I do?

Sticky eyes are common in babies It’s actually quite normal for babies to have sticky eyes for a while, as their tear ducts are often not fully developed and open at birth. About 20% of babies suffer this and it won’t hurt them, either when you wipe away the stickiness or whilst it remains there.

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time saving treatments

Time saving treatments

Get the perfect brows,tan and body wrap with time to spare! I have to admit I like my beauty treatments, I don’t always need them and I certainly can’t always justify spending the money on them but the way I look at it, you work hard so why shouldn’t you enjoy the occasional treat?How can

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