Articles written by Libby Taylor

How to stop spam texts

Spam Texts. It’s a whole new world and the terrain is difficult to navigate. One false move and you can accelerate the influx of information that has no relevance to you whatsoever. The important thing to remember in this strange new place, is that there are three main types of message. How you deal with

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Ice skating lessons for kids

As a parent of young children, it’s tricky to know what is the appropriate age to start activities like ice skating. Some parents want to have their children on the ice before they can even walk properly, but the truth is, most ice arenas won’t accept children under three. The perfect age to start ice

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How to keep your child engaged at school

When kids start school they are usually incredibly eager to get there. The friendships, fun and socialisation drives them in a new and exciting way, allowing development to accelerate. By the time they reach adolescence however, we often see a completely different picture with teenagers often becoming disengaged. This time can cause a lot of

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child birth

Home Births

The number of home births is on the rise; before the NHS, all women would give birth in their own homes but as medical science developed, it became the norm to have a hospital birth. For many years, ‘Home Births’ were seen as an unsafe option and were viewed as an unnecessary risk. Nowadays there

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Tennis for kids

With Wimbledon just around the corner, it’s a great time of year to get children interested in tennis. Tennis is a fun sport for life and lessons from an early age can help a child build their fitness, mental focus and teamwork skills. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at getting kids

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How to revamp your kitchen on a budget

How many times have you flicked through the Kitchen brochures and designed your perfect kitchen in your minds eye; then totted up the cost and realized it just isn’t possible? Well if you simply don’t have the budget for a complete refurb, there now follows some simple and cheap tips on how to revamp your

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